Install Fedora 13 from Hard Drive

fedora fedora at
Mon Jul 12 08:01:44 UTC 2010


i usually download the full iso dvd  and the netinst iso CD.
i mount the full iso on a web-server, so that the relevant directory is 
visible via the web, and burn the netinst iso CD.
i create a kickstart file. this ks points to the web, with the full iso:

url --url

except if i install on the web-server itself. then this line looks like:

harddrive --partition=/dev/sda3 --dir=/software/fedora/

then i boot the server to be installed from the netinst CD and give it 
the approp ks link:


as kernel parameter.


On 2010-07-12 09:39, Tim wrote:
> On Sun, 2010-07-11 at 12:46 -0700, JD wrote:
>> Why from hard drive?
>> If you have followed many other threads on this list.
>> All you need to do is download the 32 bit iso,
>> and burn it to dvd. If your dvd is not working  or don't have one,
>> then install it onto a 4GB flash stick (the iso is 3.1 GB) - you do
>> that by first installing
> I have to say that I'd prefer to install from a hard drive, than USB
> device, too.  I don't have a big USB flash drive, and really don't want
> to go out and spend more money on something I don't really need when I
> do have spare hard drives laying around.  And I do have computers
> without DVD drives, so installing from a hard drive was an easy solution
> for my situation.
> I can well imagine that I'm not the only person in that situation.

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