Install Fedora 13 from Hard Drive

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Mon Jul 12 13:44:59 UTC 2010

JB wrote:

>> Need link or instructions on how to install from HDD.Currently have F13
>> 86x64
> but want to install 32 bit instead--

> Hi,
> Fedora site is your friend:
> then select Docs from left-side menu. then Fedora 13, then Installation
> Guide, then paragraph 4.7 Preparing for a Hard Drive Installation, etc.

I don't know what "etc" means at the end of this message.
but the instructions in para 4.7 are far from lucid, in my opinion.
They don't seem to mention the kernel or initrd files,
or how to start the installation.

The reader is referred to the anaconda rpm for instructions,
which seems to me bizarre.

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