Fc13 Installation problem

Vincent Onelli vonelli at optonline.net
Mon Jul 12 23:39:38 UTC 2010

Hello All,
Help, I Installed fc13 on Dell Dimension 8300, this computer has 2 hard
disk the first one 120GB with windows xp pro. The second 350GB I had
installed fc12 witch worked perfectly, and a third 350GB external
connected through USB used for backup. Fc12 had slow down on boot up so
I thought it is time to get fc13, I downloaded the i386 dvd iso file
from bit torrent side then double click that file it downloaded the
3.1GB iso file. on the installation selection I selected the 350GB that
came in the second line the next selection give me the option replace
the existing Fedora or use the entire disk, I selected the entire disk
the installation went through fine but when I reboot the following
message appeared "Error 17 Cannot mount selected Partition" Press any
key, Pressing enter this line came up
I don't see any sign of dual boot been installed, I also do not remember
to have encountered any option about boot installation selection.
I appreciate any help, Thank you.

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