trying encrypted partition: a "doh!" question

Michael Cronenworth mike at
Tue Jul 13 02:19:09 UTC 2010

On 07/12/2010 09:12 PM, H.S. wrote:
> Now I am looking for how to specify the encrypted partition in Debian's
> fstab so that I can mount it from within Debian.

You will need to setup /etc/crypttab in your Debian installation and you 
will still need to input your passphrase upon mount (well, before mount, 
during cryptsetup luksOpen). If you do not want to use a passphrase then 
you will need to create a luks key and add it to your encrypted 
partition. Then you should be able to use the key to mount without being 
prompted. Defeats the purpose of needing external authentication though 
unless you have the key on a USB drive or something else that is protected.

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