Install Fedora 13 from Hard Drive

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Tue Jul 13 12:02:47 UTC 2010

Kevin Fenzi wrote:

>> Actually, I have always found the Fedora Installation Guide
>> more or less useless.
>> I would have thought it would be much better just to list
>> the various ways in which one can install Fedora,
>> and describe for each one exactly what one has to do.
> Care to file a bug against fedora-docs with your ideas, or better yet a
> write up of what you think should be there?

I'll try to write up more clearly what I would like to see.
Basically, it would start:
There are 8(?) ways of installing Fedora-n.
1. Burn DVD
2. Burn CDs
3. USB stick
4. Hard disk install
5. PXEboot
6. preupgrade
7. Net install CD
8. Yum upgrade.
Each of these is described more fully below ...

> Have you looked at the install quick start guide?

At a quick glance, this seems to cover methods 1 and 2 above.
It is clear and factual, if a bit wordy;
I mean "Follow the instructions that appear on the screen"
covers almost everything after the DVD or CDs are burned,
though there is nothing wrong in explaining more fully
what choices are offered at each stage.

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