Preupgrade F11 ---> F12 ?

Dave Stevens geek at
Tue Jul 13 23:49:26 UTC 2010

Quoting Peter Diercks <di-listen at>:

> Hello List,
> I am running a server under F11. It is a remote machine which I have no
> physical access to. It has a network connection. I wanted to upgrade to
> F12 using preupgrade again, but this time I am afraid I'll run into
> problems due to the size of /boot (194M, 153M free space).
> Does anybody know if this issue has been fixed?
> Greetings,
> Peter

I just upgraded F11 top F12 using preupgrade and had a too-small  
/boot, it doesn't seem to have been a problem, as I recall the  
installer figured out that there wasn't enough space and used a  
workaround, no intervention on my part needed. Pretty nice.


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