Yumex problem - no network connection

g geleem at bellsouth.net
Wed Jul 14 03:53:55 UTC 2010

Thomas Taylor wrote:
> For some reason Yumex returns an error message saying "Not connected to an
> network. Do you want to continue".  However Yum works as expected running
> updates.

i had same problems.

*yumex* is seeing the network connection as disabled because it is checking
for connection thru 'gui'.

*yum* is seeing the network connection as enabled because it is checking
for connection thru system call.

the way i found problem is that i had network connection icon on task bar
and yes it to open and close networking. after an update, icon stopped
functioning properly.

every time i right clicked and selected to enable network, an attempt was
made, but immediately after, it would disconnect. even when i enabled or
disabled networking from command line, problem persisted.

i do not know what caused problem. with this problem and several others
that cause various hang ups and other faults, i wiped f13 completely and
have not reinstalled yet.

my suggestion would be for you to look at your 'gui' for network connection
problems, as it may well be you have same problem.

you can verify this by running yum update or a yum search from command line
to see what happens.

i did run several more yum updates from command line, but yumex never started
back working and network connection icon never started back working.

i hope this gives you some direction to troubleshooting your problem.

much luck.


peace out.



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