Install questions

Alex mysqlstudent at
Wed Jul 14 04:45:33 UTC 2010


I have just installed FC13 on an AMD Phenom II 1090 six-core box using
the desktop system settings, and I have a few questions. I'm not sure
I like the configuration, and will probably reinstall.

- Is it possible to pass arguments to mkfs during install, so I can
limit the size of the reserved blocks? I have a 1TB disk, and I
believe the default is 5% for ext4, meaning 500MB is wasted.

- If I choose the option during install to use all the available disk
space, it splits it into two partitions, one for root and one for
/home. What is the sense of that for a desktop system? Why not just
create one large partition?

- Power management doesn't work. Instead of the computer going to
sleep, the CPU fan spins very fast, faster than it did even during the

- What is the program that was used to generate the hardware profile
during install? There were quite a few "unknown" entries, and I'd like
to figure out which those were. lspci does not show all the
information that was shown during the install, and all those entries
were pretty well defined. It is running on an Asus Crossfire IV board.

- I have an Sapphire HD5770 video board with 1GB. It's a dual-headed
card. Does the X server support two monitors with this card?

- I have to install Windows 7 on this computer as well. Should I
install Windows 7 first, then install fedora, and use grub as the
bootloader? Will fedora automatically configure the dual-boot if it
detects Windows on the disk already?

- Is USB3.0 supported in fedora? I know the kernel has had it for
quite some time.


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