Yumex problem - no network connection

g geleem at bellsouth.net
Wed Jul 14 07:32:53 UTC 2010

Thomas Taylor wrote:

> Hi G;
>> *yumex* is seeing the network connection as disabled because it is
>> checking for connection thru 'gui'.
> I'm not using a gui network connection but ifup method if that is what
> you're saying.

ok. then i understand that you are using 'ifup' via a terminal.

but, "gui"/"X" effect still applies. yumex does not use a system call to
check on network status. at least this is my conclusion from what all i
was able to find when i searched for a solution to problem.

this was at least 6 months back and i do not recall all of where i check.
other than i was using google. and it took a lot of reading to concluded
it to be an "X" problem.

i did not filed a bug report because i had not seen anyone else posting
about problem, so i figured it was something in my installation.

when i tried using yumex, it would always fail. it did not matter if i
used 'ifup eth0' or 'ifconfig eth0 up', yumex still failed with same
error message you gave in your first post.

when i ran just 'ifconfig' to check for connection, it showed being
connected. *but*, yumex still failed.

what i did not try was removing and reinstalling "yumex" and "gui's" for

what ever cause is, it is "X" related, because yum still works.

i just ran a check at yumex site;

i ran a search for 'connection' and found something that may help.

http://www.yum-extender.org/blog/?s=connection show release of 2.9.6 and
2.9.7 have a change of;

  Added  ‘–disable-netcheck’ to bypass the network connection check and
  the  auto disable of non local repos, this can be enabled/disabled in
  the Preferences.

this may be an answer to problem.



peace out.



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