Minimum Required RPM Packages for Running Fedora

Chris Kloiber ckloiber at
Wed Jul 14 10:30:01 UTC 2010

I thought F13 has a new "minimal" install option that gives you ~120 or 
so packages installed. That feature seems to have made it into the RHEL6 
beta, too! (Very Cool, IMNSHO)

Chris Kloiber

On 07/14/2010 05:51 AM, siavash ghiasvand wrote:
> Dear All,
> For some reasons I want to know what are "Minimum Required RPM
> Packages" for installing fedora on a PC.
> At installation time, we can remove all optional packages and after
> removing them Fedora will install with nearly 200 packages! But, many
> of these packages are not necessary, for example OpenSSH, WireLess,
> etc.
> Then, when I tried to remove those unwanted packages after
> installation, many many dependencies appeared.
> So, I have two questions:
> 1- What are Minimum Required RPM Packages for installing Fedora? (just
> booting up the system with kernel and then, a simple command line
> access)
> 2- How can I reach this minimal system? (As I described above those
> dependencies make it impossible to remove unwanted packages after
> installation and also there is no option to remove unwanted packages
> before installation)
> Sincerely yours,
> Siavash Ghiasvand

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