Minimum Required RPM Packages for Running Fedora

siavash ghiasvand siavash.ghiyasvand at
Wed Jul 14 11:02:49 UTC 2010

Dear Chris

> Did you try a kickstart install with '%packages --nobase'? This gets you
> 189 packages (at least in rawhide).

Yes, I've tried it but unfortunately many unwanted packages like
"wireless" will be installed with this option.
Thanks for that link, I will check it out.

 Dear JB

> Search Google for: fedora minimal installation kickstart
> The first hit

I googled it before many times but all links (including the above one)
are talking about a Minimal Fedora which has near 200 packages (As is
described before this amount of packages is very much for me)

Dear Chris

> I thought F13 has a new "minimal" install option that gives you ~120 or so packages installed. That feature seems to have made it into the
> RHEL6 beta, too! (Very Cool, IMNSHO)

Yeah, you are right about that minimal install, but with that option
exactly 180 packages will be installed! but I'm sure that near hundred
of them is not required packages.

Sincerely yours,
Siavash Ghiasvand

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