Minimum Required RPM Packages for Running Fedora

siavash ghiasvand siavash.ghiyasvand at
Wed Jul 14 17:50:01 UTC 2010

> I use this in rhel 5 right before I list the extra packages I want
> such as tar/openssh etc...

Thanks Joseph. It would be helpfull.

> I would make a minimal LiveCD from a kickstart file. Then boot a virtual
> machine with the iso. I would then try to remove what I consider "not
> required" and double check the yum output for essential deps which might
> have crept in. I would then use that to further streamline my kickstart.
> Then rinse and repeat until satisfied.

Thanks Suvayu, good tips.

> tell us _why_ you want this "extreme minimal" install

The first reason is: "Minimal disk drive" and the second reason is:
"Prevent any future conflict" which means, on that "extreme minimal
linux" all packages can be installed without any problem (must be
I'm talking about some rare, custom-build packages which may conflict
with Fedora base packages.

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