Minimum Required RPM Packages for Running Fedora

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Wed Jul 14 21:27:05 UTC 2010

siavash ghiasvand wrote:

> For some reasons I want to know what are "Minimum Required RPM
> Packages" for installing fedora on a PC.

'For some reasons' is very broad and allows for a maximum possible reasons.
and, almost as many replies as you have received.

as has been stated, you do not really give a good answer to your intent
and use/need for your desire.

one thing for sure, your effort to find an answer is *minimal*.

did you try google? i think not, else you 'would have'/'should have'
mentioned doing so.

so, as a guide to what you want to do, an 'google linux advanced' search of
"minimal+system", with quotes and '+' sign gives 4,470 hits;

a quick look thru 1st 30 gives some good pointers;

above, is including for server and recovery floppy disk.

granted, these are not fedora, per se, but they give you a base to build
a fedora system.



peace out.



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