trying encrypted partition: a "doh!" question

H.S. hs.samix at
Wed Jul 14 21:30:39 UTC 2010

On 14/07/10 05:18 PM, Bill Davidsen wrote:
> So far, my only issue has been that the system doesn't want to boot without the 
> password, not good for a server when the protected filesystem isn't needed to 
> run (such as source or docs, contact info, etc). I attempted to "solve" this by 
> using "noauto,user" so I could hand mount it, or putting it into automount, 
> neither of which worked properly with fc11 where I tried it first.

Yes, exact my views as well. For now I see a laptop as the best place to
use this tool, not a server. In my case, I have a server in which I have
set the BIOS power option to be what it was before a power failure. That
won't work if I have an encrypted partition and I am not around when a
power failure occurs (this is at my home, no UPS).

Doesn't mount or fstab help in this in some way in the sense that the
password is asked only when the filesystem is mounted? Then the
filesystem can be made to not mount on boot (while having a separate
partition for private data). Perhaps it is work under progress, or
perhaps it can be done and I just don't know about it yet (I have just
started to learn and use this tool).


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