Minimum Required RPM Packages for Running Fedora

siavash ghiasvand siavash.ghiyasvand at
Wed Jul 14 23:03:28 UTC 2010

> did you try google? i think not, else you 'would have'/'should have'
> mentioned doing so.
> so, as a guide to what you want to do, an 'google linux advanced' search of
> "minimal+system", with quotes and '+' sign gives 4,470 hits;
> g

Dear g,

For sure I've googled it carefully before sending this email. I saw
those links and none of them did the trick which I want, Cause I'm
looking for a LIST of RPM packages which are sufficient to bring up a
simple kernel and nothing more.

I can erase files from an installed system and create a live disk from
them , even I can use something like "BasicLinux" or also compiling
anything from source will solve the problem But, I must bring up a PC
with minimal Fedora Official RPM packages not anything else.

As other friends said, now I'm working on UN-installing packages from
an installed system to achieve that minimum set of packages.


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