Minimum Required RPM Packages for Running Fedora

Chris Adams cmadams at
Thu Jul 15 01:34:16 UTC 2010

Once upon a time, Sam Varshavchik <mrsam at> said:
> I have a headless machine that serves as a router, a web and mail server, 
> and a firewall. I stripped it down as much as possible, while still leaving 
> a usable system that can be upgraded normally.
> Right now, there are 458 rpm packages on it.

I have a pretty slimmed-down server that is a disk and PXE boot server
(NFS, HTTP, TFTP), NTP server (with a GPS clock source), UPS monitor
(with NUT, not apcupsd), and NNTP cache.  It has 257 RPMs installed, and
it uses about 1G of a 4G CF card (the OS lives on flash so the disks can
spin down when idle).

As I said, to determine your own minimum, start with a base install and
work down from there.  Look at requires/depends with rpm, and run "yum
remove foo" (and answer "n" if you don't like what is going to be
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