How Can I reset xserver xorg to default settings to try and avoid crash and log out after log in?[DISCARD]

Frank Murphy frankly3d at
Thu Jul 15 14:57:54 UTC 2010

On 15/07/10 15:53, Rishi Patel wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> thanks for that marko I guessed that when it couldn't find the file,
> however it still didn't work!
> Thanks for your help, I can rule out the xserver being the problem I
> think, and I will return to the original thread i created to try find
> out why it logs out straight after log in,
Havn't read the previous thread.

Who are you trying to log in as?

And you dont actually need an xorg.conf
It can be safely deleted.
xrandr takes care of your screen.

Are you using proprietry nVidia drivers?


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