Phone calls from laptop

David Liguori liguorid at
Thu Jul 15 17:22:02 UTC 2010

On 7/15/2010 5:37 AM, RAMAKISHOREBABU KOPPULA wrote:
> My laptop has a internal modem and RJ-11 connector. I want to connect 
> the phone line to the laptop and by using head phones I want to make 
> calls. How to do this? Is there any software available to do this?
> Kishore
Yes, it's called Skype.  You of course need a dial-up ISP.  A bit o.t.

Last time I tried running Skype in Fedora it worked fine, though I 
wasn't using a dial-up.  They had the best voice quality of any VOIP I 
had tried at that time, meaning, better algorithms and better chance of 
success under dial-up bandwidth.  It's been a couple of years, though.  
Not sure if the stock Fedora even comes with the dial-up software any 
more, though probably easy to install.

Come to think of it, it shouldn't be such a bandwidth hog, digitizing 
voice then presumably compressing it to near its Shanon entropy.

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