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Cmu sphinx seems to be alive and kicking as well. It used to have sunlabs supporting the project. Not sure what that means now that oracle runs the show.

Sphinx 4 is a java  project. According to sun it outperforms native code  in some respects for this kind of application.

"Petrus de Calguarium" <kwhiskerz at gmail.com> wrote:

>> Is there any software available which can can convert speech to text?
>I use tts, the reverse of what you want, so I found this very interesting and 
>briefly searched the web. I located a lot of dead projects, mostly dating from 
>the late 1990s, however, 2 projects appear to stand out:
>CMU Sphinx (Carnegie Melon University Sphinx) - no rpms available, just 
>tarballs and I don't know how usable it is
>Simon (a future kde accessability application that appears to be seeing some 
>progress) - no rpms available, but some indication that it might already be 
>somewhat usable
>I didn't check, but I don't think there is any ASR (automatic speech 
>recognition -- this appears to be the term usually used to describe this type 
>of software) or speech-to-text software in the Fedora/rpmfusion repositories.
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