Who's moderating this forum?

Marcel Rieux m.z.rieux at gmail.com
Thu Jul 15 21:30:56 UTC 2010

Since I'm in rant mode, I might as well continue. There's a lot to be said
about how Fedora doesn't work!

On *Thu Jun 24 01:36:32 UTC 2010, **Joel Rees* wrote about there being no
instructions to revert from Nvidia to Nouveau drivers:

"No, re-installing to clear up a mess that may take more time to clear
up by hand than simply backing up your data and re-installing.

"Either way, it's an education, and you didn't come to Fedora
expecting not to be educated, did you?


Since when is reinstalling "an education"? Is this how Alan Cox, who
sometimes writes on this group, got educated? Of course, if you never
installed Linux, you might learn a few things. What swap,  / and home
partitions are, for instance. But if you ever installed Linux, what does
finding where are the data files for Firefox, Thunderbird, Evolution, etc,
will learn you about Linux? Nobody ever learned Linux this way.

I you want to learn Linux, you go linuxcommand.org and you learn bash. You
learn awk, sed, python, perl, php, C, assembler, whatever. This will get you
somewhere, not reinstalling.

Of course, the guy was bash-ing :) a so-called troll who doesn't howl with
the wolf pack. Is this the kind of attitude that will move Fedora and Red
Hat forward? Is the "You pay for Fedora in part with your time, in part with
some  sacrifice, relative to things like drivers and such." the attitude
that prevails at Ubuntu, even if Ubuntu users sometimes have to solve
problems too?

How come, when such comments occur, nobody says: "Sorry, this is full
bullshit. There's a problem." How come there's never any problem when normal
users say there is. Is the user always being wrong  the right attitude that
will move Fedora/Red Hat forward? I said it isn't Ubuntu's attitude, it's
certainly even less at Google's Chrome OS. Is this how Apple got so popular
with a *NIX system?

The typical answer to this is "You don't like Fedora? Go away. Use Ubuntu,
Chrome OS, whatever you like." Who's contributing this kind of nonsense that
will eventually leave Red Hat in some kind of Sun bubble?

I don't understand how come nobody responsible for this group tries to make
discussions move forward to better results for Red Hat, whether it be about
uninstalling Nvidia drivers or OOo not offering basic features that Red Hat
should rely on to sell its support, etc. Who's teh Steve Jobs here who says
"The user is right!" ?

IMO, there is a flaw in this list's moderation. And that's my contribution.
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