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> On Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 3:42 PM, Marcel Rieux <m.z.rieux at> wrote:
>> How does Red Hat manages to ask thousand of dollars from companies when
>> Linux's main word processing software doesn't offer such basic
>> functionalities?
>> Excuse me for trolling with facts -- because anything that's not hip, hip,
>> hurrah is trolling -- but I wonder if I'm not daydreaming wasting my time on
>> the net for something that should exist I'm told everywhere... but doesn't.
> First off, Red Hat isn't asking thousands of dollars from companies that
> are using Linux as a word processor.  The entitlement for Red Hat Enterprise
> Linux Desktop is like $320/year or so.

$320 for one or a thousand desktops? For one, it's rather expensive, mainly
when the software doesn't work and nobody gives a damn. For a thousand, if
the software worked, at 32¢ per year it would be really cheap. I would think
that it's rather $320 than 32¢ a year for software that, in both cases,
doesn't work well. Problem!

> Secondly, Red Hat doesn't charge anything at all (nor could they) for
> Fedora, which is what you're using -- the free consumer product.  Not only
> are you using a free product, you're using an old version of it.

Ok, so that's why it's OK if it doesn't work! Windows at $35 (OEM) for 5-7
years seems a better alternative though. Red Hat salesmen must be really
competent. I certainly couldn't sell one Red Hat copy for sure.

> Facts are never trolling, but attitude is.  When you march in here and sort
> of turn up your nose, snort, and act all disgusted that your free product
> doesn't offer the feature you want

It's not the feature I want. It's the standard feature everybody needs and
has been available for years. Whare the hell has the Replace tab gone? Who
the hell has removed it? Does anybody know who's making Linux go awry?

> and make noise like everyone who thinks it's great anyway is an idiot

As Chrome OS, Android and Meego are about to flood the market, I do believe
everyone who thinks flawed software is great anyways is an idiot. You got
thisi right.

But that's just me and, of course, I'm a troll. I mean, is there any logic
in what I'm saying? Of course,  everybody knows if you don't pay, you
shouldn't complain about flawed software whose bugs any idiot could identify
at first sight. You shouldn't complain about no instructions being provided
for uninstalling Nvidia drivers, and so on. You shouldn't complain. As
Ballmer explains, when it's free, it's necessarily flawed. You should fill
reports on bugs that developers couldn't possibly help escaping.

Once you understand that Google and Intel/Nokia are Linux's future... hum,
why not Oracle too? you should just shut your yap, be patient and never

Thanks for your opinion, but I do believe I've heard it once or twice from
topmost so-called Linux advocates on this group. Nothing new.
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