os that rather uses the gpu?

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> "There he goes again"
> I did not choose any position. I merely stated a fact and you concocted
> from that, that I am taking a position on the issue.
> I am an old timer by the average age of this list's subscribers. I was
> around when the pdp 8 and pdp 11 were  used to teach
> assembly language programming.

Quoting you:

"This is the kind of technology that is needed to solve huge mathematical

Highly questionable.  Mostly wrong.  Ok?

Bandwidth.  Bandwidth.  Bandwidth.

And it's a big problem for GPU's which are really, really good at pounding
the living daylights out of small datasets, but of marginal usefulness for
"huge mathematical problems," except for a small subset of such problems,
like linpack.  I've argued this over and over again publicly.  People who
actually control budgets already know what I have to say.  The most
interesting problems are bandwidth-bound, not compute-bound.

If I could have a Fermi, would I?  You bet, because I want to play with one.
 Do I expect it to open up new ground that in any way reflects naive
measures of its computational power?  No, I don't.

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