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Fri Jul 16 01:30:19 UTC 2010

On 07/15/2010 07:11 PM, Kevin Fenzi wrote:

> This looks like you were at some site that had a 0 length file called
> 'bind' and when you clicked on it it downloaded... it uses the numbers
> each time you download it as a unique identifier, so you must have
> clicked on that thing 7 times. 

I disagree.  I've actually seen this before, but I can't tell you what
causes it.  Firebird thinks it hasn't finished downloading the file, and
when you re-startit, it tries to download it again (and again the next
time you start firefox, and, well you get the picture).  The result is
that since the previous file download attempt is now a closed file, its
starts a second (and then a third, etc) download and names it appropriately.

Try deleting all verions of this file directly from your downloads
window.  I can't remember if that helps or not.

And consider yourself lucky.  I found 25 copies of a .jpg picture file
one time....

> I would just remove them and watch for any links that say 'bind' but
> only download a file. 

Delete them from the downloads window.  If that doesn't help, make sure
that the next time you start firefox that its a new session (ie, don't
try and restore the previous one).

And, Good Luck Marcel.

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