Autocorrection in OOo 3.1.1 and shortcut for navigating in Firefox when zoomed in

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Fri Jul 16 03:06:00 UTC 2010

First off, Red Hat isn't asking thousands of dollars from companies that are using Linux as a word processor.  The entitlement for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop is like $320/year or so.  If you're paying the "thousands of dollars per year" on your RHEL entitlement, then you're not running Writer on it.  

Secondly, Red Hat doesn't charge anything at all (nor could they) for Fedora, which is what you're using -- the free consumer product.  Not only are you using a free product, you're using an old version of it.

Facts are never trolling, but attitude is.  When you march in here and sort of turn up your nose, snort, and act all disgusted that your free product doesn't offer the feature you want and make noise like everyone who thinks it's great anyway is an idiot, then that's trolling.  If you think this is going to garner sympathy for your cause you are, as you imply, daydreaming.


Amen!!!  Halelluyah!!!  This guy has to know that if you compare Fast Food places to Operating Systems, Fedora is "not like Burger King" :)  

At Burger King, you could get it your way :), but with Fedora you get it there way or you don't get the damn thing :)

Some kind people have offered you solutions, you don't like them.  You want for Fedora to do it your way, but Fedora is "not Burger King"

You have been told, (download rpms) and install them, but you would need to remove from Fedora and then install them via rpm or yum localinstall

Now, please stop your whining and complaining.  I don't know why, but this does not add anything valuable to Fedora users.




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