Who's moderating this forum?

Marcel Rieux m.z.rieux at gmail.com
Fri Jul 16 17:13:14 UTC 2010

On Fri, Jul 16, 2010 at 5:34 AM, Andrew Haley <aph at redhat.com> wrote:

I'm sure plenty of people think it's obvious nonsense.  However, moderatiom
> rules don't forbid nonsense AFAIAA.

Absolutely but since this nonsense often degenerates in a flood of the same
kind, some very plain Fedora users just as myself refrain from posting their
problems here because they fear they will be served this kind of bullshit
from people who present themselves as real Linux experts and provide silly
advice as "reinstall", "Google some more", "don't bother us", etc.

I believe Fedora would fare better if users of this list tried to moderate
this kind of silliness mainly when you consider that Microsoft, Apple or
such could subsidize people to stir the pot. And though there is, of course,
no moderation on this list, wouldn't it be nice it people who are paid by
Red Hat took it to themselves to maintain some common sense on this list and
stopped evading the issue by pretending everyone is entitled to an opinion?

The prerequisite is that Red Hat employees have some common sense
themselves... Of course, we all know that Fedora being an entity completely
separate from Red Hat is just a figment of the imagination. Fedora's
constitution -- whose link should appear on the welcome page but is very
hard to find: I can't at the moment -- says that a majority of the board
members, including the Project Leader, should be from Red Hat.

So Red Hat can steer Fedora any way it wants, and that's OK to me. So, why
do we have silly bashing here as if it was a Debian list? Why can't we
discuss real things with respect, not only technical, but on the
organizational level?
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