Suspend & power management

Alex mysqlstudent at
Fri Jul 16 19:01:07 UTC 2010


>> Yes, that is configured to be enabled after ten minutes. I'm referring
>> to the button in the lower-right corner of the desktop before logging
>> in. I assumed it would immediately begin the process of suspending the
>> computer, no?
> I have F13. I do not see that button. Does anyone else?

It is a choice along with "Shutdown" and "Reboot". I think it's a
pretty new addition -- I don't recall seeing it there just a week ago.

I've done a bit more investigation, and it doesn't work on two other
FC13 boxes I have recently installed.

Choosing that "Suspend" option also does absolutely nothing on the
other two boxes as well. As does configuring the "Power Management"
options in the System Preferences.

I've also reviewed all the log files, including kernel logs, and there
isn't any information, that I can tell, relating to power management
or ACPI/IPMI issues.

One of them is a six-core AMD Phenom II 1090 box, and cpufrequtils
apparently doesn't recognize it. I've tried to load the various power
modules (ACPI and otherwise), and haven't really made much progress.

The other two are Opteron 3500+ boxes, which are probably about two years old.

All three boxes have all the latest updates as of today.

All my searching results in either Ubuntu docs or references to very
old docs. Any suggestions on where to find more current and
comprehensive power management information?


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