suspend to RAM and NFS /home

JB jurek.bajor at
Fri Jul 16 19:52:29 UTC 2010

Gordon Messmer <yinyang <at>> writes:

> On 07/16/2010 01:59 AM, JB wrote:
> > perhaps you could do it yourself:
> >
> Can't very well unmount /home when I'm logged in, can I?
I am not sure this is the solution to the problem (I am still searching Google
for a clear answer and learning to be honest ...).
man umount
Note  that  a  file  system cannot be unmounted when it is ‘busy’ - for
example, when there are open files on it, or when some process has  its
working  directory  there,  or  when  a swap file on it is in use.  The
offending process could even be umount itself - it opens libc, and libc
in  its  turn may open for example locale files.  A lazy unmount avoids
this problem.
umount -f -l


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