Suspend & power management

Alex mysqlstudent at
Fri Jul 16 21:24:26 UTC 2010


> You said: Lower right - I assumed you mean lower right corner of the
> desktop. Now you say it is on the Shudown menu banner, which is true.

It is on the desktop, and it is on the lower-right. I also said before
logging in.

> I also assume that your running kernel's config file has

I haven't even looked -- I'm using whatever comes with FC13. If I need
to start digging in the kernel config for the kernel options to match
userspace options, then I'd be really pissed.

> and I assume you have sufficient swap space available
> to store your entire ram to swap.

For hibernate, perhaps, but I don't think that's necessary for simple
suspend. Plus, I've got 6GB of RAM. Can't hibernate swap to a file,

So there doesn't exist any documentation that outlines how all this works?


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