Minimum Required RPM Packages for Running Fedora

Phil Meyer pmeyer at
Fri Jul 16 21:25:15 UTC 2010

On 07/14/2010 03:51 AM, siavash ghiasvand wrote:
> Dear All,
> For some reasons I want to know what are "Minimum Required RPM
> Packages" for installing fedora on a PC.
> At installation time, we can remove all optional packages and after
> removing them Fedora will install with nearly 200 packages! But, many
> of these packages are not necessary, for example OpenSSH, WireLess,
> etc.
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Fedora is not a minimalist distro.  Therefore, you are looking at the 
wrong things.

If you examine embedded systems, you won't find very many Fedora based 
verses, say debian.

Cisco makes home market routers that have 8MB ROM to store the OS.  Try 
that with Fedora sometime. :)

Much of the work of getting Linux on smart-phones, such as Android, is 
getting it to run in tight spaces.

The purpose of Fedora is stated on the Fedora pages very succinctly.  It 
is NOT for embedded systems, but has two priorities, in this order:

1. Server class systems
2. Desktop class systems.

Having said all of that, I myself have made embedded systems with a 
Fedora base.

If you allow 256MB RAM (or more), and 512MB swap, rpm database, yum 
intact (for updates) and most generic utilities (not busybox), you will 
end up with close to 400 rpms, and require nearly 2GB of disk space to 
accommodate OS, swap, and have room for some data.  Since my 
requirements at the time were to run it on a 2GB compact flash card, 
that worked perfectly.

If you trim it below that, its no longer really Fedora.  It becomes a 
custom distro, based upon Fedora, that you have spent a lot of time to 
build! :)

There are a lot of those, by the way.  Moblin, and now Moblin + Maemo == 
MeeGo, started life as Fedora, but you wouldn't recognize it now!

Good Luck!

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