os that rather uses the gpu?

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> Whether you like it or not, and whether, even more important, you
> understand it or not, the architecture of a computer has a big impact on the
> kinds of models you can implement with any degree of efficiency on the
> computer.  Hanging lots of flops on inadequate bandwidth is popular because
> you can get a high ranking on the Top 500 list with a minimal expenditure,
> but it also means that you can't do an important calculation like a global
> FFT at anything like reasonable efficiency.  Flops are almost free.
>  Bandwidth is expensive.  Unfortunately, what is almost free (flops) can be
> nearly useless for, say, an FFT unless you have the bandwidth to move data
> around globally fast enough.
You need to make friends with a guy named Edward Lorenz.  Bandwidth has
nothing to do with it.  Do you even know what this term means?

> I don't think name-calling and labeling ever helps.

Then stop doing it.

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