Reposync for different fedora version

Adalbert Prokop adalbert.prokop at
Sat Jul 17 12:07:52 UTC 2010

Hello everybody!

I have a F12 box and want to create a repository mirror for F13. I use
reposync, since I do not need a complete mirror with x different package
versions, only the latest.

I've created a separate copy of yum.conf and yum.repos.d where I've
replaced all occurrences of $releasever with $YUM0 and $basearch with
$YUM1. I start reposync from a script in which I set

export YUM0=13
export YUM1=i386 (I also want to create a mirror for x86_64 arch, but
that is another story)

Here an example for the fedora-updates repo

# reposync -c ../yum.conf -a i386 -n -u -r updates -p i386

This creates a list of possible downloads like

It seems, that reposync gets the right path to the repository
(http://.../13/i386) but tries to download wrong RPMs - RPMs for my
current version (F12) but not those for F13.

Bottom line: Is it possible to create a mirror for F13 on F12 using
reposync? And if yes: how do I achieve this?


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