User password trouble -

Bob Goodwin bobgoodwin at
Sat Jul 17 16:23:52 UTC 2010

    I used my F-12 computer to configure a new wireless router
    yesterday. I disconnected the computer from the LAN and connected 
    directly to an Ethernet port on the router so there was no external
    access to the system, only me and the router!

    Upon boot this morning it would not recognize my password? Not as
    user "bobg" or root!

    I can't imagine what caused this problem. The only thing I messed
    with was the Netgear router [WNDR3300-100NAR] via it's web
    URL/interface from Firefox? Presently the new router is turned off
    and disconnected, I am using the "old" one, not that I would expect
    that to be a factor but this is strange stuff ...

    I fixed the root password in "single user" mode and can now boot it
    as root but my notes do not tell me how to restore bobg's password.
    I don't want to add a new user and have to reconfigure everything!

    Suggestions appreciated.


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