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Parshwa Murdia b330bkn at
Sat Jul 17 20:18:47 UTC 2010

I have stuck in an awesome problem. Having fedora dual booted with windows,
i edited the /etc/fstab and /etc/sysctl.conf files, but now my PC is not
booting in fedora, it is only booting in windows, though it is showing the
option to boot from fedora, but after selecting too, it seems as if it is
booting from that but after some time, again it ends to the symbol of fedora
which appears just before the user login page. While it boots from fedora,
if i press, alt+tab buttons, it shows in a black screen that it cann't write
pid, and some other comments like line 12 / 14 / 16 is bad of fstab. so what
i do in this scenario?

further the changes done in fstab are:

[fedorax at localhost ~]$ su -c 'cp /etc/fstab
Password: <root pw>

[fedorax at localhost ~]$ su -c 'gedit /etc/fstab'
Password: <root pw>

In the file popped up , where where the mount option says defaults append
the text (giving a single character space just after wherever is written

, noatime , nodiratime

adding this line to whereever the defaults options was there.

according to the link:

but unfortunately i cannot see now fstab because i am not able to login to

Is there any possibility to go into the fedora via user login (root login
already disabled by default)?
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