os that rather uses the gpu?

Michael Miles mmamiga6 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 00:21:05 UTC 2010

On 07/17/2010 01:12 PM, Darr wrote:
> On Thursday, 15 July, 2010 @23:21 zulu, Robert Myers scribed:
>> You left out the Department of Energy, which is a much bigger
>> player than the DoD.
> Well, it sure would be nice if the DoE spent some of our
> tax dollars making applications like the Clean Energy phase
> 2 task, being run by IBM's World Community Grid project
> (http://worldcommunitygrid.org/research/cep2/overview.do )
> and Harvard, that would use the GPU[s] from nVidia and ATI.
> WCG uses Berkeley's BOINC framework that I mentioned
> in my reply to the OP (whose author has not posted again, btw).
> However, the applications that run in BOINC must be written
> especially to make use of the GPU[s], and not all do (in fact,
> none of the applications/tasks currently running at WCG can
> use the GPU, and most that do under BOINC are windows-only).
    I have recently switched from Windows to Linux and I have run Boinc 
on both platforms with Seti at home.

With the same machine the cpu Windows was estimated at 7800 million 
ops/second integer and 2500 million ops/second floating point while the 
gpu was rated at 45 gflops
When I switched to Linux the first thing I noticed was the interger ops/ 
second was 17546 and floating point came up a bit to 2800 million ops/ 

Quite a speed difference and it shows with amount of work done per day.

The gpu came up as well to 54 gflops while it was running at the same 
speed as windows

So doing things on Linux blows Windows away for speed on cpu and gpu.

I recently downloaded the svn 3437 version of Handbrake and noticing a 
huge increase of speed.
I then looked at the gpu temps to see they were going up by 10 degrees C 
while I was rendering a film with Handbrake.

I have looked for documentation with the idea that Handbrake was using 
the gpu with no info found at all.

Very strange that the temps go up while I run Handbrake.
It is like it is using gpu as when I shut it down the temps return to 

When I start a  gpu task with Seti at home the temps go up just like that 
but usually by 15 or 20 degrees

There is nothing in the prefs for Handbrake svn saying it will use gpu.

Very strange

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