Who's moderating this forum?

Marcel Rieux m.z.rieux at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 01:58:30 UTC 2010

On Sat, Jul 17, 2010 at 5:12 PM, Darr <darr at core.com> wrote:

> On Friday, 16 July, 2010 @02:48 zulu, Marcel Rieux scribed:
> > and it will most probably prove my point that while Nouveau developers
> > pretend they work really hard to get new users, installing Kmod is a
> > one way ticket. Unless, of course, you're willing to spend a day or
> > two trying suggestions that have never been tested such as the one I
> > already received: yum remove, and that's it.

Since somebody from Nouveau told me here that installing Nvidia drivers is
not a one way ticket that will prevent users to get back to Nouveau and that
RPMfusion should provide instructions to remove kmod-nvidia, I'm following
the instructions provided by RPMfusion. But, since this hasn't much to do
with "Who's moderating this forum?", I'll repost your answer in "Wo, I'm
asking RPMfusion how to uninstall Kmod nvidia"  (Don't ask me what Wo is
doing there, I supposed I forgot from a title I previously wrote :)
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