Howto script "sudo"?

Chris Kloiber ckloiber at
Sun Jul 18 13:22:26 UTC 2010

On 07/18/2010 08:51 AM, Clemens Eisserer wrote:
> Hello,
> Is it possible to pass "sudo" the root-password in some way (I would
> prefer plaintext)?
> The reason is I use an umts-connection utility which has to run as
> root, and I don't want to have my parents type a root-password every
> time they connect to our ISP. For now I simply didn't set a
> root-password, and choose "run as: root" in KDE, but I really dislike
> this solution.
> Thank you in advance, Clemens

Add the user to the 'wheel' group, then run visudo and un-comment this line:

## Same thing without a password
%wheel  ALL=(ALL)       NOPASSWD: ALL

That's the easy-lazy way that lets them run anything with the word sudo 
in front of it.

You could get a bit more secure, something like...

username  localhost=/path/to/command -options   NOPASSWD:ALL

I have obviously been easy-lazy about this as I am not 100% on the 
syntax. Enjoy!

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