Firefox 4 repo

JD jd1008 at
Mon Jul 19 04:13:39 UTC 2010

  On 07/18/2010 08:56 PM, David wrote:
> On 7/18/2010 11:44 PM, JD wrote:
>>    On 07/18/2010 08:22 PM, David wrote:
>>> On 7/18/2010 11:00 PM, Suvayu Ali wrote:
>>> Firefox looks for plugins in /firefox/plugins. Which is where ever you
>>> put it.  Perhaps   /home/<user_name>/firefox/plugins?
>> Not so.
>> My flash plugin is in
>> $ ls -l /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/
>> lrwxrwxrwx 1 skroot root 39 Jun 25 12:36
>> /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ ->
>> /usr/lib/flash-plugin/
>> Firefox does not search /usr/lib/flash-plugin/
>> It searches /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins
>> However, you are free to put the plugins in your home dir path, such as
>> ~/.mozilla/firefox/plugins/
>> or
>> ~/.mozilla/firefox/your-profile-name/plugins
> The Firefox that this person wants to use is the package from Mozilla
> not the package from Fedora. The package that Fedora provides looks in
> /usr/lib mozilla/plugins, as you wrote, and also in
> /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins on 64 bit systems.
Not 100% correct.
I AM using the vanilla binary tarball from
and not the fedora distributed rpm.
So, I am not having any issues with any of my plugins
in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins. The's FF binary has
no trouble finding the plugins.
> Mozilla says to use /firefox/plugins. Would using Fedora's directories
> work? Maybe. I don't know because I just followed Mozilla's directions,
> it is their program after all, and have had no problems over the years.
You know, some of those "directions" are
probably ancient and have not been updated,
ans so, they have kept the code in FF to also search
Also, how come the vanilla binary from
does not create /firefox/plugins when you untar the
tarball as root?
I have never used /firefox/plugins
I have no plugins in my home directory.

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