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Mon Jul 19 04:36:18 UTC 2010

Parshwa Murdia:
>> according to the link:

Marko Vojinovic:
> Not judging this particular link, but in general I wouldn't trust some 
> arbitrary advice on speed tweaks before I was sure to understand exactly what 
> they will do to my system, and if the gain is worth the pain.

I will judge that link, then.  I can see quite a few things that I
wouldn't suggest someone does unless they know why they're doing it.

It suggests settings so no swap is used, at all.  Only someone who knows
the ramifications for doing that should decide whether to do it.  If
you're low on RAM, as many users are, then you're putting a severe limit
upon your computer doing anything that needs lots of RAM.

It suggests changing some mounting parameters for normal drive mount
points.  Again, not something to do without good reason.  Just because
someone says it's good for you is not a good reason, and the reason they
give is completely wrong (a user reply on the page corrects this).  The
defaults were chosen by people who felt those were the best options,
you'd need to know more than they did before you went around changing

It suggests running preload.  Another thing that may or may not help you
out.  I've never bothered with it, and I haven't found a reason to.

It suggests using tmpfs for /tmp and /var/tmp.  I wouldn't suggest that
unless you do have RAM to spare.  If you don't, the moment something
tries to put a big file in one of those places, you're in for some
grief.  e.g. Various DVD burning software will create 4 or 8 gigs of
temporary files in one of those locations, while preparing to burn a
DVD.  That isn't going to work if you only have 1 gig of RAM.

That page reminds me of some the ridiculously clueless tweaking
suggestions I used to see made by clueless Windows users to other
clueless Windows users.  Where much of the advice would provide no
benefit, and would often cause many problems.

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