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Tim ignored_mailbox at
Mon Jul 19 12:11:25 UTC 2010

>> I don't use the webmail service, it could be a cause of your
>> problem.  I merely send messages to the list using a yahoo
>> address in my "from" field.  I receive mail sent to another
>> address, that has nothing to do with Yahoo.

Antonio Olivares:
> How do you get to do this?  I would like to learn how to do it :)
> and avoid the ADS, the messages that new yahoo mail cannot be loaded
> and other bull that i see from time to time. 

It's quite simple, technically.

I am subscribed with that yahoo address, but I have the list set to not
send list mail to it (it would waste bandwidth).  I put that yahoo
address into one of the accounts configured in Evolution, so it can be
used as one of my "from" addresses (you can do the same thing with other
mail clients).  I post to the list using that address, and anybody who
tries to spam it gets nowhere, as I've configured my yahoo account for
that address to automatically delete all incoming mail without a special
password in the subject line.

I receive mail from the list with another subscription, to an address
that I don't tell anyone else, or any thing, what it is.  Because of
that, it can't receive spam from anyone who's gone around harvesting
email addresses (it's not available anywhere to be harvested), they
could only spam it by accident.  When I reply to a message, it's posted
using the other "from" address.

The receiving address could be yahoo, but some local Yahoo portals don't
let you access mail via POP3, only the website.  It could be any mail
service, including your ISP's.  And since it's not an address that you
tell anyone about, it doesn't matter if you have to change it (unlike
changing address that you want people to contact you at, where you have
to tell them about any changes).

While that sounds convoluted to explain, it's simple to use, and avoids
having to tear your hair out trying to get some anti-spam filter to work
effectively, continually having to manually deal with false positives
and false negatives.  I use no anti-spam filtering, at all, and only get
about three spams a day to another of my email addresses that some ass
harvested from a PGP key server.  I don't get any of those automatic
vacation alert posts that some cretinous list subscribers continually
inflict on everyone on a list.  Nor those X wants to be your friend, nor
those X has rejected your post until you confirm your identity with
them, posts.

Over a decade of using mailing lists, and usenet, on the internet has
taught me that if I publicly post using a "from" address that can
receive spam, it will get spam (and other annoying things), and possibly
lots of it (particularly if you're on a dozen or more lists).  There
isn't any need for anybody on this list to contact me privately, I don't
particularly want it, so I don't see why I should expose an address to
abuse.  Although some people may *want* to contact me, but they don't
actually *need* to.

Old usenet posters do something similar.  When they post to a usenet,
they use a bogus, disposable, or auto-deleting, "from" address.  And for
the same reasons (you get masses of spam, hateful messages from trolls,
there's no need for people to contact you privately, and it's a pain to
deal with informing people if you change an address).

[tim at localhost ~]$ uname -r

Don't send private replies to my address, the mailbox is ignored.  I
read messages from the public lists.

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