camera won't automount

Claude Jones cjoneslists at
Mon Jul 19 14:02:48 UTC 2010

I'm having problem with one device, a Nikon D90 camera, that won't 
automount. At some point in the past, I had set something that would 
cause it to be detected, but the only option offered was to download 
pictures with Digikam. (At some time in the past, the device notifier 
would offer options including opening the device in Dolphin which is 
what I'd prefer.) For some reason, this function didn't work properly 
because Digikam would open and stall on the process of detecting my 
images, and never would open. I have a very large image archive and this 
process could take a couple of minutes in the past, but it would 
eventually open. This camera will mount under Windows; however, in 
Windows, the icon never appears that allows you to eject it gracefully 
once you're ready to dismount it. When I attach the camera to the 
Windows box, it automatically opens an explorer window and shows me the 
folder structure, but, the eject button never appears.

What I've done:
I've gone into the device notifier widget settings and tried finding 
there, a way to disable the mount with Digikam option, but could find 
nothing there that affected the behavior
I've removed the device notifier widget and re-installed it - no difference
I found the auto-mount files "device-automounter-kcmrc" and 
"kded-device-automounterrc" and renamed them and restarted KDE - no 
I removed Digikam (I really don't want to use this app anyway, as I find 
it cumbersome) - now, the device notifier doesn't ever show the camera
I re-formatted the memory card in the camera
Lots of google searches on this issue, but haven't found anything else 
that helped
Tried my other camera, a Fuji 9000, and several pen drives - these all 
automount successfully and offer various options for how to mount the 
devices with various applications

The strange behavior under Windows (it automatically opens a folder with 
the camera memory card's root folder displayed, BUT, never produces the 
eject icon) makes me suspect this is some issue with the camera, but, 
what could it be?

Claude Jones	
Brunswick, MD, USA

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