Gotta love embedded developers...

Phil Meyer pmeyer at
Mon Jul 19 18:08:12 UTC 2010

On 07/18/2010 04:37 PM, Tom Horsley wrote:
> Out of curiosity I downloaded the GPLed source code for the
> firmware in my new Netgear WNR3500L router. The first thing
> I see is the build instructions which start with:
>        1. This package has been built successfully on Fedora Core 2.
>           Compiling this package on platforms other than Fedora Core 2
>           may have unexpected results.
> Now there's someone who doesn't want their development platform
> changing on them :-).
> (This is the netgear firmware mind you, not dd-wrt, which is a
> different kettle of fish...).

Yeah, but the 'ARM based tiny computer as router' boxen have gotten much 
more interesting recently.

My group is currently evaluating the Sheeva based Guruplug server plus 
as the next best home router/firewall/media server/web filter/wireless 
access point/ etc etc etc.

Although the first batch had overheating issues if both ports were used 
at 1000BT, the next batch to ship in August should have fixed those 
issues, and a free update should be made available to current owners.

The unit we have in test right now is the old version and it may be 
tricky to boot, but its working as planned and has a 10 day uptime with 
no issues right now.  We finished principle development 10 days ago.

Yes, it is twice the cost of the Linksys/Cisco, but its a real server.  
You will still have to deal with uBoot and friends, but the end result 
is VERY interesting (to us, at least).

If you are really thinking about rolling your own router, it may just be 
what you are looking for.

Google for Guruplug Server Plus if interested.

Good Luck!

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