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Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Mon Jul 19 22:38:05 UTC 2010

john wendel wrote:
> I installed the latest Firefox Beta on a 32-bit F11 box, and I'm really 
> impressed. So, I decided to install it on my 64-bit F13 box.
> The problem - the F13 box is 64-bit only and the Firefox beta seems to 
> be 32-bit, so I need a set of 32-bit libraries. Since the Firefox 
> install isn't an RPM, I need to satisfy the dependencies manually.
> Is there and easy way to determine what libraries are required to run 
> Firefox?
ldd will tell you, but there is a single rpm which installs most of the 
libraries, IIRC. The advantage is that it makes it easy to get rid of all the 32 
bit stuff later.

I put an install of 32 bit FC13 in a VM, and tested there. I am not sure going 
64 bit has gained me a thing over 32 bit, but I want to see if a 64 bit system 
will do everything without giving up and using 32 bit stuff. Most of my friends 
64 bit systems have a lot of 32 bit because there's no 64 bit version, or the 64 
bit version doesn't quite work right, etc.

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