virtualization without VMX cpu

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Mon Jul 19 23:10:08 UTC 2010

solarflow99 wrote:
> I have a P-4 2.8Ghz and it doesnt seem to have the VMX instructions
> for virtualization.  What I notice is KVM uses QEMU for the hypervisor
> instead?   I can't detach some hardware that I need for the VM to
> recognize a USB pluged in, etc. Does anyone know if there is any way
> around that?  perhaps there is something other than KVM that can do
> this?

I assume you mean you got some error when you use the -usbdevice option in qemu? 
  Without knowing more I can't help a lot, and I'm not sure you want to do the 
VM that way anyway.

Things you can try:
- tell us what happens when you use the -usbdevice with qemu, it has worked for 
me in the past.
- try VirtualBox (suggested to me, don't use it)
- try VMware (I have used that)
- spend a few hundred bucks and get a better CPU
   (not knocking you CPU, but this is the easy way out)
- install the latest CentOS-5 release which has xen

Just some thoughts, I like new CPU, CentOS/xen and VMware, in that order. Not my 
dime, tho, so free advice is worth what you paid.

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