Firefox 4 repo

Suvayu Ali fatkasuvayu+linux at
Tue Jul 20 06:12:50 UTC 2010

On Monday 19 July 2010 01:46 PM, Mike Chambers wrote:
> What seemed to work, was (since the source tarball isn't configured for
> FEdora as the way they have it setup) to make a link
> from /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins and that let
> the firefox-4 work with plugins.

Thanks for the hint, I solved the plugin issue with this,

$ ln -s /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins/* ~/.mozilla/plugins

> That way all your 64 bit packages work and no 32 bit needed.  Although,
> the security flaw with the current 64bit flash might make you install
> 32bit, who knows.

For now I have resorted to flashblock since I mostly need it for youtube 
and other well known web services, I'm hoping I won't be vulnerable 
after that?


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