Can one now help?

Parshwa Murdia b330bkn at
Tue Jul 20 12:04:32 UTC 2010

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> Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 14:49:19 +0930
> Subject: Re: Can one now help?
> Tim:
> If you have problems with swappiness being customised, then go back to
> the original settings.
> If it causes you no problems, you may as well leave it there.  I just
> said that I saw no reason to use it, though I have seen people mention
> problems with it.
> To remove something installed by yum, use the remove option.
>  i.e. yum remove preload
> By the way, before doing "yum -y" anything, consider why you're doing
> that.  You're answering "yes" to anything ahead of being asked about it.
> Normally, I'd suggest you're best not to use "-y", let yum start working
> things out, then answer yes or no when it asks you whether to proceed.
> That way you don't end up installing or removing a pile of things that
> you don't really want to.

Okay. and I really didn't know this.

> For instance, in some cases there's a lot of dependencies on some
> package.  You might want to remove a package that you don't actually
> use, but the dependencies will take out most of your desktop when you
> remove that package.  Or you might want to try out some package that you
> heard about, but the install will drag in a few hundred megs of other
> packages, too.  If you answered "yes" ahead of time, you don't get a
> chance to stop that.
> >> It suggests using tmpfs for /tmp and /var/tmp.  I wouldn't suggest
> >> that unless you do have RAM to spare.
> >
> > This can be simple deleted from the sysctl.conf file, I think.
> No, the mount options are set in the /etc/fstab file.

So, I wd have to edit /etc/fstab

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