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Tue Jul 20 21:59:06 UTC 2010

On Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 3:11 PM, Alex <mysqlstudent at> wrote:

> >     From an xterm Edit > Preferences will get you a menu. At l;east it
> >    does with my XFCE desktop.
> No such capability with the default GNOME xterm, apparently.

There's no such thing as GNOME xterm.  The GNOME Terminal application is
gnome-terminal, and there's a variety of options for changing the colors as
accessed by the Edit > Preferences menu.  I have a feeling you've installed
some other software that's pulled in standard Unix xterm as a dependency as
it's not installed by default.

Under Applications > System Tools, do you have both "Terminal" and "xterm"
listed?  If so, and you want to use the "fancy modern" GNOME Terminal, then
"Terminal" is what you need to select.  If you actually want to use xterm,
there's no "modern" way to configure it outside of editing resource files or
providing command line options.

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