how to uninstall preload?

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Tue Jul 20 22:21:49 UTC 2010

On 20Jul2010 13:39, Rudolf Kastl <che666 at> wrote:
| 2010/7/20 Suvayu Ali <fatkasuvayu+linux at>:
| > On Tuesday 20 July 2010 01:19 AM, Adalbert Prokop wrote:
| >> A simple
| >>
| >> su -c "rpm -e preload"
| >>
| >> will also work.
| >
| > However that is not recommended, at least that is what I know. This
| > leaves yum in a state where it is unaware of the removed rpm.
| This is wrong. yum is just a frontend for rpm.


| > It is
| > always recommended to use yum over rpm directly. :)
| Yum makes things easier. rpm itsself can handle more complex
| situations (system troubleshooting etc)

In particular, if I want to remove _exactly_ one package, I will always
use rpm and not yum.

Yum descends the packagae dependency tree and offers to also remove the
package that require the package I asked to remove. Easy to do damage
that way.

Rpm also descends the dependency tree, but will refuse the remove of if
another package depends on the one I asked to remove. Safer!

So Adalbert's "rpm -e preload" advice is good advice.

It happens that nothing depends on preload (I know this because I
routinely remove it from systems because it modifies binaries and that
sets off annoying alerts in our integrity monitoring software).

  yum is recommended because is makes a lot of common tasks much easier
  rpm is fine though, provided you are ok with its limitations;
    as described above - sometimes I want those limitations

The package state is kept entirely in the rpm database - it is safe, as
far as the database integrity goes, to mix use of rpm and yum as suits
your needs.

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