how to uninstall preload?

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Wed Jul 21 10:01:28 UTC 2010

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> On 07/21/2010 12:05 AM, Greg Woods wrote:
> Yum in rawhide by default protects yum and everything that depends on it
> which atleast minimizes such accidental damage and it is user
> configurable.  So you can add more packages to be protected.  For
> previous releases, the protect-core plugin has similar functionality.
> Rahul

That's why now I am going to uninstall it using yum but without -y arguement.

> From: Timothy Murphy <gayleard at>

> I know that I have yum-installed X in the past,
> and it has installed X, together with Y and Z,
> Then I have yum-removed X,
> and it has listed X, Y and Z, and a large number of other packages
> to be uninstalled.


>> if you use
>> the -y flag, many things you wanted to keep could be gone before you
>> realized what was happening. That is why -y is dangerous.
>> --Greg


> From: Cameron Simpson <cs at>

> In particular, if I want to remove _exactly_ one package, I will always
> use rpm and not yum.

But in any case we can use yum without the argument like -y.

> It happens that nothing depends on preload (I know this because I
> routinely remove it from systems because it modifies binaries and that
> sets off annoying alerts in our integrity monitoring software).

If you often use preload, for a single PC and according to you, is it
good or caused any problem? Or did you see it showing any improvement
in any way??

Parshwa Murdia

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