how to uninstall preload?

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Wed Jul 21 12:34:16 UTC 2010

Christofer C. Bell wrote:

> Suvayu is correct.  Mixing use of yum and rpm is discouraged for a reason.
> If you want to use all the features of yum (at all) then you should be
> using
> yum for everything.  The yum database needs to be aware of every package
> transaction in order to provide all the value-add it has to offer.  If
> you're using rpm, you're cutting yum out of the loop and changing the
> state of the system outside of yum's ability to record what you're doing.

I take that in.
But I still have some doubt.
Suppose I yum-install A, and it brings in A,B and C.
If I yum-remove A, is it guaranteed that it will only remove A,B and C?

As I mentioned, at some point in the fairly recent past,
I tried this, and yum wanted to remove more than A,B and C.

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