how to uninstall preload?

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Wed Jul 21 15:26:25 UTC 2010

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> Parshwa Murdia wrote:
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> Yes.
> It was a KDE package that I installed, I don't recall which.
> When I yum-removed it, it tried to take almost all my KDE packages
> with it.
> So I removed it with rpm.
> This was some time ago, Fedora-12 or possibly Fedora-11.
> It is conceivable yum has changed since then
> in such a way that this could not happen now.

Oh, I see.

> Suppose I yum-install A, and it brings in A,B and C.
> If I yum-remove A, is it guaranteed that it will only remove A,B and C?
> As I mentioned, at some point in the fairly recent past,
> I tried this, and yum wanted to remove more than A,B and C.

I think if you don't use -y option with yum, then it asks you if to
uninstall or not a particular dependency, though I have not tried

> An easy way to remove a recently installed package is using the "yum
> history" command. Please look it up, seth has been posting about it
> >From one of his posts on the devel list:
>> A handy alternative to looking at the yum.log:
>> yum history list
>> then you can see the transactions by date.
>> then:
>> yum history info <transaction id>
>> to get a lot of info on what changed.
>> for more info.
>> -sv

yes, but wouldn't it become more complicated?

Parshwa Murdia

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